Thursday, January 19, 2012

I think we're in trouble.

As I (with my best intention) work at cleaning up the kitchen, I find myself thinking about the Church. I know. But it's kind of what church nerds do when their cleaning the kitchen. Besides, I really do love the Church.
Anyway what occurred to me is that the problem that we seem to have with the Church seems largely a post-industrialized world problem. Y'know? It's like at one time the Church really fit us--it was fashionable and we wore it everywhere we went. Now, it's out of fashion. It's not someting we'd be caught dead in--in fact, we really only get it out and wear it at holiday dinners and when the aunt who knitted it for us comes around. "Yup, auntie. I really love the Church you made me..."
That said, the Church seems to have become something like deer in North America. No more natural predators, so there is over population and starvation due to lack of food source.
Now, I'm not advocating for the removal of Christians. I'm not advocating for persecution. But I would like to point out that the last time the Church got this comfy and fat we had the Dark Ages. Something to think about.

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