Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can Protestant Evangelicalism Cowboy Up? Or will you remain silent because Camping isn't gay?

So...we allow the consecration of an openly gay bishop,and the Protestant Evangelical world condemns us as much as possible on media. But when a guy who (at least in theory)holds weight in the Protestant Evangelical world makes wild predictions which don't come true, and the Protestant Evangelical crew is largely silent.
Okay...what the hell?
Not only has this guy been proven to be wrong and a kook and largely wrong(!), but people lost their livelihoods. Not only that, but he apparently cannot produce the financial records for how much was spent in the ad campaign for this whole fiasco. I suppose that might mean he would have to pay it all back.
Well, I guess it's all over in October, though...
In the meantime Protestant Evangelicalism...whaddya say? Think you might develop the minerals to condemn this guy? If you do, I hope he remembers to wear Kevlar like Bp. +Robinson...

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